I’m a lazy diver. I’m also an incredibly keen diver. Whilst I love diving, lugging tanks around in the hot sun when I’m on holiday just isn’t my thing. The ease and comfort that comes along with diving from a boat, be it a day trip or an overnight dive live aboard is far more enjoyable for me than shore diving. If you’re travelling with non-divers then maybe a live aboard dive boat isn’t the best holiday option for you, but if you want to dive as much as you possibly can, and see the best sites the destination has to offer then live aboard diving is the only way to spend your hard earned cash.

Your dive time is maximised, and set up time is minimised

Dive live aboards are designed for well, diving. Plenty of vessels are set up specifically for diving, with spacious dive decks, multiple tenders and extra amenities designed with the diver in mind. When you resort dive, or do a day boat dive, half the day is filled with getting to and from the site. Live aboard diving means you can cram in 3 or 4 quality dives every day, or simply soak up the sun onboard and dive again in a few hours. If you want to dive at night, doing so on a live aboard is easy as you more than likely have dived the site in the day, and will have your gear ready to go. That means less time setting up and more time for sipping cocktails after you’ve wrapped up your diving for the day.

You’ll visit the most remote sites

Imagine waking up to watch the sunrise over the sea in one of the best dive destinations in the world, with no other boats in site. Just you, your freshly made cup of coffee and the vibrant oranges and reds of the sun rising over the ocean. Liveaboard diving is often the only way you can get off the beaten track dive wise and see the most remote areas. Diving in the GalapagosDiving in the Cocos Islands, Costa Rica and even diving the outer reaches of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia can only be done by a live aboard as they are so far from mainland. When you do a lot of diving you want to have the best dive experiences the ocean can offer, and usually diving on a live aboard is one way to ensure you do.

Everything is included

Once you’ve decided where you want to go, booked and paid for it your all done! All there is left to do is set your screen saver at work to an image of the destination your going to make the count down to your holiday go quicker and boom, you’re ready for the trip of a life time. Live aboard diving means all the hard work is done for you, and the price is all inclusive. There’s no fussing about which hotel to book, and if the photos online are what the place really looks like. There’s professional chefs onboard who make the most of the local fresh produce to create masterpiece meals for you, and the best thing is you’ve already paid for them. Sometimes when your paying $7000 or so for a luxury liveaboard it can sound like a lot, but in reality you’re paying for ten days of action packed diving in phenomenal destinations, all your meals and a big comfy bed to exhaustedly fall into at the end of each day.

There’s no lugging heavy gear around

There’s nothing worse than donning a wetsuit, a BCD and a heavy tank and walking to a hard to reach dive site in the tropical sun. Live aboards have personalised lockers for you to store your dive gear, and spacious dive decks so when it’s time to jump in all you have to do is pull on your wetsuit, strap yourself into your BCD and either giant stride into the turquoise water or make your way to the private tender to be taken on an incredible dive.

 Dive, dive, dive

This is the greatest aspect of live aboard diving. You can dive until your heart’s content, and do all the dives on offer each day if you so desire. If scuba diving is your passion, then the only way to holiday is on a diving live aboard. Not only will you be able to dive as much as possible, but you’ll be surrounded by like-minded folk who love diving just as much as you.  If you’re a budding underwater photographer (most divers are once they’ve dived for a while) the fellow guests on board and staff are usually more than happy to give you some tips to improve your photography.

Ready to look for your next dive live aboard adventure? Liveaboard.com has the widest range of destinations, with a trip to suit every diver and their budget.

Like resort diving more than live aboard diving? Tell us why in the comments!

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