On the 22nd of September every year, people ditch their cars and use their feet in honour of World Car Free day. World Car Free day was originally created in the 70s as a way of tackling the oil crisis. Today the day is designed to get people out of their cars and onto their bikes, on the bus or on their legs to raise awareness for the amount of pollution created on a daily basis by vehicles. So, on World Car Free day 2015 why not take it to the next level and scrap your car for a boat?

Sure, boating to work today might not be the most logical method of transport, but after you’ve walked to work reward yourself by booking your next dive live aboard trip in one of the world’s best dive destinations. To celebrate World Car Free day 2015 we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite diving live aboards in the top destinations.

 Seven Seas Liveaboard, Indonesia

Indonesia offers some of the globes most phenomenal diving, and it can be hard to choose which destination you want to jet off to. The Seven Seas Live aboard visits all of the best areas, and runs trips to Komodo, Deep South Komodo, Raja Ampat, East of Flores, the Forgotten Islands or the Banda Sea. The boat is a traditonally crafted Indonesian sailing schooner, and has every amnety you could possibly need (including a hair dryer so you can make sure you’re looking top notch in the most uninhabited areas of Indonesia).  Here’s a teaser of what the Raja Ampat & Banda Sea trip is like:

Spirit of Freedom, Australia

A liveaboard in the Great Barrier Reef is one of the best ways to see this iconic area. The Great Barrier Reach stretches for thousands of kilometres, and the best way to explore the outer reef, which is situated far from the mainland, is by live aboard. Spirit of Freedom offers 3, 4 and 7 day cruises and is one of the best dive liveaboards on offer in Australia. Trips head to the Ribbon Reefs, which are home to some of the most spectacular dive sites in the Great Barrier Reef. Known as David Attenborough’s favourite place, the Great Barrier Reef is a protected marine park where water temperature rarely drops below 24 degrees. The wide array of marine life here is incredible, and divers regularly see turtles, a myriad of shark species, manta rays, and minke whales in the winter season along with some of the most spectacular coral formations.

Galapagos Aggressor III, Galapagos

Diving in the Galapagos is a must for any keen diver, and there are a few big reasons why. The wild untamed beauty of this remote and well-protected area will linger in your mind long after your trip has finished. Part of the renowned Aggressor fleet, the Galapagos Aggressor III offers year-round trips. The yacht itself is a luxury, sleek 32 metre long vessel fitted with all the extra bells and whistles such as a large swim platform and personal gear lockers for smooth and easy diving. Plus beer and wine is included in the price of the trip, so after your day of diving there’s always going to be a class of vino waiting for you!

 Argo Live aboard, Costa Rica

Another destination that can only be reached by live aboard due to its remote location, Cocos Islands is an experienced divers dream (check out why here if you don’t take our word for it). A pelagic paradise,  when you first see the island you half expect a dinosaur to wander out from the thick undergrowth. The waters surrounding the island are nutrient rich, and provide the perfect environment for a variety of marine species such as hammerhead sharks and huge schools of fish. For a luxury Cocos Island experience, the Argo offers year round dive trips. The vessel has three dive tenders and 14 crew members who are there to assist you with every diving need.

This is just a taster of some of the live aboards on offer at Liveaboard.com. Life is short and any diver would rather be on a boat than in a car any day, so get out there and dive the places you’ve always dreamed of!

At Liveaboard.com we are constantly seeking to hear about the best diving experiences. Have you been on an outstanding live aboard dive boat? We want to know about it! Leave us a comment below.

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