The coolest looking lobster you’ve never seen.

image: Moorea Biocode
image: Moorea Biocode

If there was a beauty pageant for crustaceans this brightly coloured lobster would win first prize.

The Galathea Pilosa is a species of squat lobster (which looks far more attractive than it sounds). Squat lobsters get their unappealing name from the way their abdomen is permanently tucked under their bodies. But here’s the plot twist… they aren’t really lobsters. Also known as Galatheid crabs, squat lobsters are more closely related to hermit crabs than any kind of crayfish.

Like the beloved brightly coloured Nudibranchs, there are new kinds of squat lobsters being found all the time. Most have striking colour combinations but Galathea Pilosa takes the cake for best looking lobster we’ve ever seen.

G. pilosa is a rare species that is only found in the shallow waters of French Polynesia.  The brightly patterned lobster makes its home among small pieces of coral, living up to 20 m below the oceans surface. Squat lobsters are scavengers, and Galathea Pilosa has even been know to steal a meal from an unsuspecting anemone!

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