Thanks to the World Wide Web, planning a dive holiday from start to finish has never been easier. Or has it? Being able to tailor every last minute detail of a trip yourself sounds great in theory, but in reality navigating your way through the maze of choices of accommodation, transport, activities and restaurants that are available can end up being a major headache. When it comes to planning the ultimate getaway, leaving it to the experts is the only way to go.

Travel agents know their stuff

The planet we live on should really be called water, rather than Earth. Seventy percent of it is covered in the stuff, and that equals a million amazing different dive sites. It’s hard to narrow it down to just one to visit. Most of us have four weeks off a year, and spending majority of that time underwater is top of the list for any scuba diver. Choosing where to go for a diving holiday can be a tough decision, and having someone help you make that choice by sharing their knowledge of all the incredible destinations that are on offer is far more enjoyable and beneficial than trawling through the depths of the Internet. Want to dive with sea lions or come face to face with a humpback whale? Travel agents can help you find the perfect destination. Looking for a dive boat that has all the bells and whistles (like a Jacuzzi on the front deck)? A travel agent can help you pick the crème de la crème of diving vessels. When you book a trip trough an agent, you avoid the chance of being disappointed. It’s their job to ensure you make the right choice when it comes to your holiday.

They’ll help you get the best value for money

 Whether you want to splash out on your scuba holiday or you’re on a bit of a budget, a travel agent will be more than happy to help you find the choice that strikes the balance between funds and fun. Most travel agents will have a best price guarantee, so even if you shop around a little it’s more than likely you’ll end up returning to the travel agent for the best deal. Travel agencies also regularly run great specials, and you never what kind of unique trip you could snap up.

Travel agents make planning all those holiday logistics a walk in the park

Planning a holiday is part of the fun, and knowing you have a well prepared holiday around the corner makes it all the more sweeter when you’re jet-setting off to begin your time away. While holiday planning is a good way to kill a few hours, wouldn’t it be great to be able to book everything in one go? To have your diving, your scuba gear hire, your accommodation, your dietary requirements, transfers and transport taken care of in one easy session? Travel agents are you’re go to when it comes to simplifying diving trips, particularly when it comes to booking on to your dream live aboard. Why waste weekend hours searching for different prices and vendors when it can be all done in one go?

Travel agents can make your trip go from good to absolutely spectacular. Next time you’re looking to disappear from reality for a few weeks, ask a travel expert for some advice. You’re future holiday self, sipping on a gin and tonic while the sun goes down after a full day of scuba diving will toast you for it. is the leader in the liveaboard and dive holiday industry. With experts available to chat online right now about your next dive getaway, booking your dream dive trip has never been easier. 

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