We can’t always be underwater.

It’s a sad and fairly obvious truth for an avid scuba diver. When you’re not blowing bubbles in the ocean you’re researching places to dive, planning your next dive trip or learning new techniques to use your camera to capture that amazing way sunlight filters so magically through the water’s surface.

You want to see every incredible animal that calls the ocean home; dance with manta rays, and hang out with humpback whales. Your friends think you’re crazy because you actually WANT to bump into a shark. You get excited over sea slugs (and who wouldn’t – some of those Nudibranchs are absolutely stunning), and you are beside yourself when you find a sea turtle that’s happy to chow down on a jellyfish with you watching on.

You love the feeling of being completely free underwater, and leaving the rest of the outside world on the surface. You know there’s nothing better than going on a dive and hopping out to a fresh towel and hot drink on a luxury exotic live aboard. There’s no feeling that leaves you more content than falling into a comfy bed after a full day of diving and hearing the water lapping at the live-aboard’s hull, knowing that you get to do it all again at a new untouched site the following day.

You wish you were born with gills, but until science steps it’s game up and creates the first human/fish hybrid you’re happy with a great pair of fins, a mask and a quality set of dive gear. When you’re not making the most of your equipment and putting it to good use in the ocean you’re online, checking out reviews for the newest dive gear on the market. You love scrolling through your Instagram or Facebook feed checking out photos of bait balls, sleepy looking sea turtles and colorful coral reefs. For you, the best way to cure a bit of ‘3.30-itis’ in the workplace isn’t a sugar hit, it’s a quick browse of new dive spots or liveaboards online.

You not only love being underwater, you truly care about your favourite place. You clearly see the difference between diving in a marine protected area and diving a site with minimal protection. You make choices in everyday life to help protect the sea. You want to learn about more ways you can help preserve the diving wonderland. And shark fin soup is most definitely something not on your list of favourite foods.

Now it’s never been easier to stay connected and up to date in the dive world.

For those times you are not exploring the underwater world and coming face-to -face with the myriad of creatures that call the ocean home, Liveaboard Dive Blog is a blog created by divers, for divers. With new articles posted daily focused on all things diving, and tips for making your next dive trip one to remember, if you can’t actually be underwater, being online is now the next best thing.

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